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Sharon, 9/11 (English version)

Sharon, 9/11

No, this story is not about Sharon Stone! I could have called her „-sari”, because that was her nickname. To make things clear: I was a frequent visitor of an internet chat channel, and I met „-sari” there.

Some time had passed before I learned her real name, her job and way of life. By then we were in daily contact. Our blooming friendship was based on our endless and ever-hoping desire for a baby, and also on the unconditional trust, which only those can understand, who know the nature of internet-induced friendships. I cannot explain why I felt her so close, and I have no idea why she picked me to share all the details of her personal struggle, in which she aimed and hoped to crown their marriage with a healthy baby. Sharon was 36 years old. She moved to the US at the age of six, as a diplomat’s child. She attended all kinds of schools there. She had her first and second love, followed by many others. Later she got married, and had her happiness fulfilled. But something had been missing for six years… They were just about to give up the hope of having a child of their own, and started the procedure of adoption – which is quite laboriuos even int the US –, when they could not believe their eyes: the pregnancy test was positive! Now they understood why she had been so tired and week lately! Her next letter is full of joy and glee, when she wrote in all capitals: WE ARE EXPECTING A BABY!!

I was rejoicing with them. Yes, miracles can always happen, I said to myself, and I almost felt the morning sickness, and the first kicks of the little unborn creature. I imagined the happy, bright-eyed husband, who was moved by the spur of the moment, and bought all pink things available in the supermarket after learning that the newcomer would be a girl, and seeing her 3D picture with the help of a clever appliance. Sharon was blisfully happy, because in four weeks she would have the baby – with the proud papa’s attendance, of course. We are preparing to give birth – told me in her letters, because they go to the prep course together. What a coindicence: the baby is due on October 10, which is my birthday! They did not know that, yet called the baby Claire, when they were talking to her. And –sari’s letter made it clear that they spent a lot of time talking, singing and cooing to the baby.

On September 10 she wrote and told me that she was not going out to work any more. They were making preparations for the reception of the baby, and had even furnished the nursery! In her post script she added that she would go into her office the following day, but with Tom, of course. Claire is getting too active, and is keen to see the world outside. With a baby on the way, it is better to be accompanied by a husband.

Sharon had always been a conscientious person at work, and always kept her promises.

Her office was on the 84th floor of the World Trade Center...

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